FALKLANDS badminton players have found themselves the subject of a political row at the Pan Am Cup in Brazil.

Since arriving in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil the Falklands team of seven has faced significant pressure from Argentina to play under the name Islas Malvinas or pull out.
Chairman and  Coach Doug Clark met with the Badminton Pan Am President and the tournament organisers earlier this week and informed them they, “would not give in to bullies” and not withdraw or play under the Pan Am flag as suggested as a compromise.
Argentina has put pressure on Brazil to pull the entire tournament if the Falklands team did not give in to their demands.
The President of Pan Am Sports flew in to Salvador to help deal with the situation. The BWF (Badminton World Federation) and Badminton Pan Am were described as “standing strong” with the Falklands.
On Thursday morning Penguin News was told by Roxanne King Clark, who is in Brazil with the team, that there was still the possibility “that they will be kicked out of the tournament,” especially when the Governor of Bahia and other VIPs visit.
“Things are still very tense and there’s a bit of a worry for the team’s safety.”