The by-election for the Falkland Islands’ Camp (rural community) constituency Legislative Assembly seat is anticipated to take place on Thursday, September 21, Attorney General Simon Young has told Penguin News.
Mr Young explained that the deadline for nomination papers – for those who wish to stand for election – will likely be between 14 and 18 days ahead of the election.
Asked whether there were any anticipated issues regarding the ongoing constitutional matter surrounding dual nationality holders and their eligibility to vote or to stand for election, the Attorney General said that – in terms of voting – there is no issue anticipated.
“When one fills in their annual canvas form one of the things they fill in is to say that they don’t think they’re disqualified from being a member” or an elector – “so unless something changes, that effectively is the default position” and members of the electoral roll would be able to vote or stand for election.
He added that there is no hearing anticipated on the dual-nationality issue prior to November, and so it is not anticipated to have an effect.
He noted, however, that “it would be sensible for someone who is potentially in this position” – and has dual-nationality – “to give a good think to that, because when we look at the nomination papers we are going to have to apply our minds to that.”
The Attorney General encouraged eligible members of the community to stand for election, and reminded that there is no requirement to be part of the camp constituency to stand for election in camp. He also encouraged anyone who is qualified to be on the electoral register in camp but who may not have registered, to register ahead of the upcoming by-election.