PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has promised he will raise the matter of the Falklands fishery in the European Union, after Labour MP Derek Twigg made representations on behalf of the Islands at Prime Minister’s Question Time on Wednesday.

Mr Twigg, who has visited the Islands in the past, said “Fisheries exports to the European Union account for 40% of the Falkland Islands Gross Domestic Product and up to 60% of the Islands’ revenue – this poses a serious challenge to the Falkland Islands. Will the PM raise this matter when he meets with the President of the European Commission later?”

The Prime Minister responded: “Indeed Mr Speaker and he is right to raise the issue of the Falkland Islands and indeed other crown territories and overseas dependence around the world, whose future trading arrangements must be secured and that is indeed something we have raised and will continue to raise on their behalf and make sure they get the satisfactory assurances that they need.”

Last week MLA Teslyn Barkman said: “With less than a month to go until the UK leaves the EU, we are now asking for an intervention from the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister or Minister for the Overseas Territories and Sustainable Development, with senior leaders within the EU who can effect material change.

“At this late stage, we believe this is the only way in which we can make some significant progress…”