IN a controversial move that has brought a resignation from a member of the Planning and Building Committee, Executive Council has approved the port development planning application on Tuesday despite a recommendation against by the Committee.

ExCo approved the decommissioning proposal for FIPASS as part of the application, however, also noted that further work is being continued to assess other potential options for decommissioning. ExCo also noted that the detailed design for the scheme is still to be finalised and that there is “ongoing stakeholder engagement as part of this process.”

Former Planning and Building Committee Member Jo Turner told Penguin News on Thursday her serious concerns about the port comprised the intention to put a road through Stanley Growers, the expensive option chosen to dismantle the FIPASS barges, smell from silt bags, long working hours involved on building the port (potentially 6am-11pm) high costs of the port and lack of good quality public engagement. “Not a word any of us has said has been listened to,” said Jo, and she felt she had no other option but to resign.

Responding on behalf of Falklands Conservation, Andy Stanworth said: “The decision to progress the current proposal rubber stamps a process that failed to deliver the political and community mandate for the environment. Disappointingly, poor stakeholder engagement combined with a weak EIS has led to missed opportunities for Stanley’s coastal environment. The integration of environmental policy objectives and commitments into decision making from the start would have avoided these issues. Stronger and more ambitious planning conditions may go some way towards addressing the issues, but are unlikely to be sufficient.”