The environmental and engineering business, RSK Group, has acquired the construction company Morrison Falklands Ltd (MFL).

MFL has been successfully undertaking construction and infrastructure developments in the South Atlantic since 1999, primarily through a Partnership Agreement for the Falkland Islands Government.

The business, previously part of Galliford Try as part of the wider Morrison Construction, was acquired by RSK after a restructuring by Galliford Try that has led to them ceasing their South Atlantic operations. 

The director of the Public Works Department, Colin Summers, said: “The sale of MFL to RSK and the signing of the new agreement is a significant step forward to securing the future of MFL in the Falkland Islands and providing job security to its employees. It also helps to ensure the continued delivery of the FIG capital programme.”

RSK chief executive  and founder Alan Ryder acknowledged that it was an uncertain time for businesses worldwide because of COVID-19 but he was delighted to share some positive news.

“This is great news for RSK. Morrison Falkland Ltd is a very well-respected business with a great team in place. We look forward to working closely with the Falkland Islands Government and bringing added value with the range of RSK services. We plan to invest in the business and enhance the existing Partnership Agreement with FIG.”   

“Our main focus will be on providing the best service we can to FIG.  We will retain all staff and the network of resources and supply chain.  We are committed to working with the unique island community to enhance environmental standards, develop a community benefits strategy and support government initiatives.”