Falkland Islands Government Schools Executive Head Karen Steen has stated that in relation to what happens to GCSE results: “The Education Directorate have been monitoring the developments around GCSE grading closely.” 

She added: “The latest statement from Ofqual announces that students will either be awarded the Centre Assessed Grade, or a moderated grade, whichever is higher.  The decision to review how GCSE grades are awarded by Ofqual applies in the Falkland Islands, because our students are entered for examinations regulated by Ofqual.  We remain confident in the process carried out to determine the Centre Assessed Grades at the Falkland Islands Community School.

“GCSE grades were released to students in some subjects (Computing, PE, Geography and Music) last week.  Any adjustments to these grades as a result of this announcement, will be communicated to students as soon as possible.”

She was responding to a question from Penguin News who asked, “we understand there has now been a U-turn in the UK in relation to GCSEs, and  teachers estimates will be awarded to students unless the computer algorithm gave a higher grade. Bearing in mind the controversy surrounding Ofqual and the significant inconsistencies with the grading process does that mean the same will happen in the Falklands now?