Quarantine requirements both in the UK and the Falkland Islands, combined with global restrictions in air travel, have led to changes to the South Atlantic Airbridge scheduling. 

Specifically, civilian passengers can only travel Southbound on every third flight.  The maximum capacity of the Airbridge in consideration of social distancing measures is 125 seats, all of which are technically available for civilian use on the Southbound flight.  Availability may be reduced in times of operational need.

Seats are available to civilians on all Northbound flights. However, as a result of the reduced capacity on each flight, there may be occasions when availability is reduced due to operational need.

Government advice is that people who choose to travel do so at their own risk and should be aware that advice internationally can change at short notice.  There are mandatory 14 day quarantine requirements on return to the Falkland Islands.  Passengers should make themselves aware of quarantine requirements in their transit and destination countries prior to travel.

The current arrangements will be periodically reviewed. The global situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic is fluid, and alongside limitations caused by weather in the Falkland Islands means that schedules may change at short notice and be subject to cancellations and delays.  However, in order to facilitate planning currently scheduled Southbound flights available to civilians (subject to change) are:

Tuesday 7 July, Tuesday 21 July, Tuesday 4 August and every other Tuesday thereafter until further notice.

Please check with your travel booking agent for further dates.

Civilian passengers on Southbound flights need to continue to book commercial transport (Penguin Travel) for transfers between MPC and their accommodation in the Falkland Islands. This is in support of existing quarantine arrangements for arrivals.

Civilian passengers on Northbound flights are not required to book commercial transport and can be dropped off at MPC providing all current requirements regarding holding a ZUB and vehicle pass are met. 

In line with the UK Government’s guidance, passengers traveling on the South Atlantic Airbridge will be required to wear a face covering.

All passengers aged 11 years or above should be in possession of a face covering when they report to the Air Terminal and must wear the face covering whilst on the aircraft.

You will be asked to prove you have a face covering at check-in and may be prevented from accessing the South Atlantic Airbridge, if you do not have a face covering.

Passengers who do not wear a face covering whilst on-board the aircraft may be refused carriage and will be liable for any arrangements and costs associated with their alternative travel plans.

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