WORK on Landlord and Tenant Protections in the Falkland Islands is due to be back before MLAs in the next few months.
MLA Leona Roberts said: “we recognise that bringing in legislation at the moment is probably going to be more than we can ask officers to do with everything else that we’ve got going on.”
MLA Roberts went on to explain that conversations had with the policy department were about possibilities of a model rental agreement that could help tenants and guide landlords.
She added: “whether it’ll go far enough I’m not sure, but hopefully it’ll be a step in the right direction.”
The consultation behind landlord and tenant protections has, to date, only consulted landlords something MLA Roberts said she doesn’t “feel widely comfortable with, only having one half of the story.”
Housing is still an issue prioritised by MLAs according to MLA Roberts, with work planned during the budget process to look at options such as continuing with the next phase of creating plots at Bennett’s Paddock.
She went on to say: “having a well housed community has got to be a priority for anyone. There is much more to be done on this and I’m not sure in all honesty when that will be coming forward.”