Following approval from ExCo on Tuesday 23 January, the Falkland Islands Government in joint working with British Forces South Atlantic will be able to proceed with “in principle approval” for Phase Two of the Mare Harbour Wind Farm.

The project was also approved in Standing Finance Committee on Wednesday 24 January. This approval will allow for the payment of a 25% deposit; however, full funding is subject to the further project development that will need to be agreed. 

The Mare Harbour Renewables project successfully commissioned three wind turbines in December 2014. Phase Two of the project looks to purchase four of Enercon Gmbh E70 turbines, and, alongside other objectives, they will significantly increase the annual renewable contribution to Mount Pleasant Complex and contributes towards it’s carbon net-zero programme.    

Commander British Forces, Brigadier Dan Duff said: “I am very excited that we have now taken this step to commit to this programme. The installation represents a significant first step towards making Mount Pleasant Complex sustainable. It is but only one of a number of sustainability initiatives that I intend to pursue jointly with the Falkland Islands Government over the coming months and years. As a Defence ‘Vanguard’ site for this type of investment, this installation will help to lead the way for others to follow.”

FIG Chief Executive, Andy Keeling added: “This project will be transformative in reducing our national carbon emissions, and it is important for us to continue to work on joint projects with BFSAI where it will make a significant difference to all our whole community.”

Portfolio holder for Environment and Public Infrastructure, MLA Pete Biggs said: “This landmark approval for Phase Two of the Mare Harbour Wind Farm marks a significant step towards realising our commitment to a sustainable and environmentally responsible future. In collaboration with British Forces South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI), we are demonstrating our determination to reduce carbon emissions and advancing the Mount Pleasant Complex’s carbon net-zero program. This project aligns seamlessly with the Falkland Islands’ strategic goals, as outlined in the Islands Plan, and is a great example of joint planning and enterprise by FIG, BFSAI and the Legislative Assembly.”

picture Sand Bay Wind Farm in the Falkland Islands