Promoting the Falklands as a world class destination and relinking with Brazil are on some Falklands residents wish lists for 2024, when the editor asked them this week ‘what would you most like to see the Falklands achieve. Improved waste management is also important however.
Frin Ross told Penguin News waste and power management was on her mind “with reducing waste at its core, for example by really encouraging with financial bonuses.”
She also wanted to see more attitudes of “reuse and repair on the islands from patching clothes to fixing washing machines.”
Frin wanted to see “renewable and energy efficiency at the heart of energy use.”
Added to that she also wanted, “decent ethical foreign and domestic policies and decisions at the heart of all we do.”
Leeann Watson Harris felt it was an easy question to answer, “reduction of waste, by having more or improved recycling.”
She added: “I know its not cost effective but as we are declaring nature is still in charge, they shouldn’t have to shuffle through human waste of any kind, although the Giant Petrel’s thrive on it.”

Tom Busbridge (pictured far right) told Penguin News: “I would love a new transport link for pet dogs/cats to/from the UK that doesn’t cost thousands of pounds.
“This issue has affected a lot of people in the last year and I would love for FIG to start conversations again with the MOD to try and rebuild a connection that was recently lost.”

Oly Dempster (pictured centre) said he’d like to see the Falklands “continue to promote itself as a world class destination for wild life, both in terms of photography and filming. Nat Geo, BBC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, PBS, crews from all round the world are all coming through.
“I’d also like to see some programming dedicated to the wild life of the Falklands, it’s my aim to be working on projects like this in 2024.”
Stuart Wallace commented from the Scottish Highlands, “it would be a real improvement if we could achieve a ‘Freedom of information Ordinance’ appropriate for our circumstances. The current situation is not right.”
He added he would like to see the standard of our governance improve “that important decisions are taken more on the basis of expertise, reason and meaningful consultation and collaboration with Falkland Islanders.”
Ronnie McLennan Baird said: “My first thought is that I’d like FIG to achieve one project (just one) on time and on budget, but that would be a cheap shot.
What I’d really like to see achieved is progress on the constitutional review, even if only to recognise that there’s still room for growth inside the current one.”

Sharon Jaffray (pictured left) said high on the list for her would be for the Brazil flight (or similar additional flight) to be reinstated “so we can break away from the restrictions Argentina continues to impose. That would do nicely for 2024.”
She added that looking further ahead, “a modern, functioning airport and internet system would be the icing on the cake and what a step forward for the future economic development of the Islands.”
Jamie Simpson was short and sweet: “Just one project on time and on budget”