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9 July 2020 , Fran Biggs
A POLL on the Penguin News website last week showed support for rental controls as a means to make rental housing more affordable. But are rental controls th...
27 February 2020 , Admin
The tendency to stereotype victims of sexual abuse was the issue that drew the lengthiest discussion from delegates at this week’s Commonwealth Parliamentary...
15 February 2020 , Admin
FALKLANDS badminton players have found themselves the subject of a political row at the Pan Am Cup in Brazil.
25 June 2020 , Lisa Watson
DESPITE being cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2019-2020 proved to be a record-breaking cruise season in the Falkland Islands. A total of 72,836 cruise p...
Fran Biggs

Uruguay fights off Covid-19 but may face greater battle

Graham Bound was the founding editor of Penguin News and still writes a monthly column from his home in the UK This week, the British government publishe...