Falklands longliner CFL Hunter launched in Spain


CONSOLIDATED Fisheries Ltd's new longliner, the CFL Hunter, was launched in Marin, Spain, on July 20 at an event attended by a number of CFL staff and directors.

Built to CFL's specification by Nodosa Shipyard, the CFL Hunter will be fitted out in the next six months and will be officially handed over to CFL sometime in February 2017. 

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Birds ingesting plastic 'no cause for alarm'

THE Eliza Cove rubbish tip plastic waste is being ingested by wildlife according to a report by Dr Amélie Augé of the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI).
However the Falkland Islands Government Waste Management Coordinator does not see it as a major problem.

“Abstract plastic pollution is becoming an increasing issue for wildlife throughout the world. Even remote areas with relatively little human activity are affected,” writes Dr Augé.
She told Penguin News that last winter she  analysed pellets from turkey vultures in Stanley to determine how much plastic (and other human products) they ingested. 

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Fire on Le Boreal was due to human error

FRENCH maritime authorities BEAmer have released their final report into the fire on the cruise ship Le Boreal last year in Falklands waters, which forced the evacuation of nearly 350 passengers and crew.

On the night of November 17, Le Boreal was under way near East Falklands, making 15 knots in rough seas with winds 40 to 45 knots. 
At the end of the 8-12 watch, the hotel officer (a licensed second engineer) was doing his regular round of the engine room and observed that the fuel filter clogging indicator on the #4 diesel generator had gone to red, indicating that it was time to change the filter out. He turned a valve to switch the fuel supply over to the alternate filter element, then proceeded to the control room to fill out the logbook. He talked briefly with his relief, and at about 0010 hours, he returned to the generator compartment - and opened the filter housing on the #3 diesel generator instead of the #4. 

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New Head of Policy for Falkland Islands Government

DIANE Simsovic has been announced as the new Head of Policy for the Falkland Islands Government.
Ms Simsovic is Canadian and has more than 35 years’ experience in the private and public sectors, with a background working at municipal, provincial and federal levels of Government, primarily focussing on economic development and growth. Ms Simsovic has also previously worked in environmental engineering and management consultancy.

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Falklands sports facility options on the table

A MULTI-PURPOSE sports arena with an Astroturf surface and a multi-use games arena was the most ambitious of three proposals presented to sports clubs and other individuals interested in the future development of Falklands sport, at a meeting on Monday.

MLA for Sport Mike Summers (pictured) Director of Central Services Matt Bassford along with Arch Henderson’s Project Engineer Darren Plato, outlined three all-weather sports facility proposals which have been examined by a Development Group. The group has also explored potential sites around Stanley.

The two other options comprised an all weather football pitch with a multi-sports surface, possibly with a 400m running track around the outside, and the  second proposal is an indoor Astroturf playing surface, configured for at least three sports. 

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