Figures show bright future for Falklands Landholdings

THE financial position of statuory corporation Falklands Landholdings (FLH)  has, “improved markedly,” over the last five years with FLH draft budget for 2016/17 showing a projected net profit of £102,800.

 In fact a profit has been shown in all of the last five years confirmed the new General Manager of the statutory corporation, Andy Pollard. 

Eight years ago the corporation was on the verge of insolvency and owed local creditors in excess of £70,000. It was granted a £160,000 subsidy by the Falkland Islands Government and re-structuring was undertaken.

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Hockey kids hit the ground running

TWENTY-eight youth hockey players with a senior team, coaches and parents were on the ice within hours of arriving in Punta Arenas, Chile last Saturday.

The inline skaters only had that evening and three more days to convert to ice skates from roller boots before the Copa Invernada ice hockey tournament began.

After some tutelage from manager and organiser Grant Budd and members of the senior team (Penguins) they were ready for their first game, Knights versus Kotaix on Wednesday morning.

An exciting match, which was also watched online by Falklands supporters around the globe, ended 5-4 to Kotaix, but was proof that lack of an ice rink in the Falklands wasn’t going to hold the Islanders’ back. All four goals were scored by Matt Francis and the team was completed by Goalie Karla Aguilera, Isadora Acevedo, Theo Duncan, and Gabriella and James Hartley (man of the match).

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Falklands firefighter is overseas student of the year

FALKLAND Islander Ian France has been selected as the Overseas Student of the Year by the International Fire Training Centre (IFTC) at Durham Tees Valley Airport.

IFTC is considered a world-leader in aviation fire and rescue training, and has a long relationship with the Airport Fire and  Rescue Service in the Falklands.

The Awards were first started when the school was owned by the Civil Aviation Authority back in the 1980’s, with Serco continuing the tradition when they bought IFTC in 1996. They are the only awards in the UK in aviation fire training.

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Hockey youths to Chile

TWENTY eight members of the Falkland Islands Hockey Association Youth league are in  Punta Arenas, Chile  for their very first overseas competition, the Copa Invernada ice hockey tournament.

The brave youngsters, who make up teams Bombers, Wolverines, Knights and Dragons, all skilled roller hockey players, are adapting to ice skates for the matches and on Monday coach Grant Budd said they were all skating superbly.

Next week an all girls team will play a girls team from Punta Arenas and two Falklands National Team games will be played against a mixed team from the three different associations/clubs in Punta Arenas.

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Editor's Column - July 1 guest editorial from Peter Young

ONE of my first reactions to the referendum result last week, after disbelief and shock, was a strong feeling of sadness that younger generations of Brits would not enjoy, as I and millions of others had, almost unfettered freedom to roam across Europe on holiday. I’ve been lucky enough to drive from London to Turin in Italy, and through Belgium, Germany and Austria to Hungary.  I’d also travelled by train to southern Poland from my suburban station in London. All of this travel without needing a visa or seeing a border guard, except when my navigator took a wrong turn and we went through Switzerland.

I can see how young people would value this freedom and why they could feel angry that they had been denied this by older voters who mainly voted to leave the EU.

However, one of the more interesting statistics to emerge once the dust settled was that, although 75% of under-24s voted to Remain in the EU, compared to only 39% of over-65s, crucially, it is reckoned that only 36% of under-24s voted, compared with a massive 83% of over-65s!

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