New Head of Policy for Falkland Islands Government

DIANE Simsovic has been announced as the new Head of Policy for the Falkland Islands Government.
Ms Simsovic is Canadian and has more than 35 years’ experience in the private and public sectors, with a background working at municipal, provincial and federal levels of Government, primarily focussing on economic development and growth. Ms Simsovic has also previously worked in environmental engineering and management consultancy.

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Falklands sports facility options on the table

A MULTI-PURPOSE sports arena with an Astroturf surface and a multi-use games arena was the most ambitious of three proposals presented to sports clubs and other individuals interested in the future development of Falklands sport, at a meeting on Monday.

MLA for Sport Mike Summers (pictured) Director of Central Services Matt Bassford along with Arch Henderson’s Project Engineer Darren Plato, outlined three all-weather sports facility proposals which have been examined by a Development Group. The group has also explored potential sites around Stanley.

The two other options comprised an all weather football pitch with a multi-sports surface, possibly with a 400m running track around the outside, and the  second proposal is an indoor Astroturf playing surface, configured for at least three sports. 

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Ice gold win in Chile for Falklands skaters

FALKLANDS Hockey Association youth team Wolverines were the ecstatic victors at the Punta Arenas, Chile, Copa Invernada Ice Hockey Tournament on Sunday night.
To add to the excitement, a second Falklands youth team, Bombers, took bronze, and the Islands’ senior team, the Falklands Penguins also achieved bronze.

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Figures show bright future for Falklands Landholdings

THE financial position of statuory corporation Falklands Landholdings (FLH)  has, “improved markedly,” over the last five years with FLH draft budget for 2016/17 showing a projected net profit of £102,800.

 In fact a profit has been shown in all of the last five years confirmed the new General Manager of the statutory corporation, Andy Pollard. 

Eight years ago the corporation was on the verge of insolvency and owed local creditors in excess of £70,000. It was granted a £160,000 subsidy by the Falkland Islands Government and re-structuring was undertaken.

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Hockey kids hit the ground running

TWENTY-eight youth hockey players with a senior team, coaches and parents were on the ice within hours of arriving in Punta Arenas, Chile last Saturday.

The inline skaters only had that evening and three more days to convert to ice skates from roller boots before the Copa Invernada ice hockey tournament began.

After some tutelage from manager and organiser Grant Budd and members of the senior team (Penguins) they were ready for their first game, Knights versus Kotaix on Wednesday morning.

An exciting match, which was also watched online by Falklands supporters around the globe, ended 5-4 to Kotaix, but was proof that lack of an ice rink in the Falklands wasn’t going to hold the Islanders’ back. All four goals were scored by Matt Francis and the team was completed by Goalie Karla Aguilera, Isadora Acevedo, Theo Duncan, and Gabriella and James Hartley (man of the match).

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