FIG Statement Regarding Brexit

THE Falkland Islands Government will be working with the public and private sector to further investigate the impact of Brexit on the Islands.

Falklands representatives congratulated all involved in campaigning on both sides of the debate, adding: "As with the referendum on our political future in 2013, the impressive turnout and widespread engagement with the referendum reflects well on our respective democracies."

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Stanley Leisure Centre – New Fees And Charge

From 1 July 2016

Stanley Leisure Centre would like to announce a revised set of fees and charges, following an internal review. The purpose of the review was threefold: to slim down the number of membership options; to ensure the charging policy was fair; and to encourage broad participation in sports and exercise from across the community.
From 1 July 2016 there will be one adult membership option, which will be priced at £120 for a full year and will offer access to swimming pool, racket sports and cardio facilities at Stanley Leisure Centre. This represents a price cut to all public membership packages and a removal of the corporate membership option. Six month and three month packages are available on request to help spread the cost of a full years’ membership.
We are pleased to announce the continuation of significant discounts for children, students and families – and all facilities will continue to be free for the over 60s. There is also a substantial discount for Camp residents. For non-members the popular mix-it-up card offers ten sessions for swim or fitness at excellent value.
There are minor amendments to other charges at Stanley Leisure Centre, such as charges for sports hall hire.
For more information about memberships or other information please call the Leisure Centre reception on 27291.

FLH farms reduce abattoir animals to build up flocks

Falklands sheep
Sheep in the Falklands

A DOWNWARD trend in sheep numbers across the Islands will impact on the future levels of wool and meat production for the next few years, Senior Agriculture Advisor Ian Campbell told the Agricultural Advisory Committee last week. 

He added that Falkland Landholding’s (FLH) decision to reduce the number of animals to the abattoir so they could build up the flocks could even raise questions about the viability of the Meat Company (FIMCO). 

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Measures to protect fishermen will exceed flag state demands

Director of Natural Resources John Barton

MEASURES that will sometimes exceed flag state requirements, in order to improve the safety of fisherman working on ships in the Illex fishery in Falklands waters have been agreed by the Falkland Islands Government.
Director of Natural Resources John Barton told Penguin News: “As an example of measures exceeding flag state requirements it has been specified that all vessels will have survival suits for all crew; which has not previously been the case on most jigging vessels.”

In Executive Council last week measures were agreed that will become enforceable licence conditions, and will be monitored by enhanced checks on vessels collecting licenses. 
“Safety check lists will be of FIG origin, and in some cases may exceed flag state regulations,” stated Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Mike Summers. 

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Immigration changes mark significant step forward

EXECUTIVE Council last week agreed several issues relating to immigration which included a series of detailed policies on Visitors permits, Work Permit Policy and Permanent Residence Permits.

In a paper outlining the background the to the decision making, Head of Policy John Shea said the Falklands was displaying stagnant population growth, a declining population in Camp and an aging demographic. 

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