Falkland Islands Executive Council decision on preferred operator for second flight

Today the Falkland Islands Executive Council agreed to appoint a preferred airline operator to provide the second midweek flight between the Falkland Islands and South America.

According to a press release from the Falkland Islands Government: "Detailed negotiations will now begin, however at this stage the identity of the preferred operator, as well as the discussions, will need to remain confidential for commercial reasons. The Falkland Islands Government will provide a further update on the outcome of these discussions in July."

The final decision on the way forward will be made by the Legislative Assembly and ExCo in the next few months, but this will not be before August, to allow sufficient time to conclude discussions, noted the press release today.

Member of Legislative Assembly Barry Elsby (pictured) said: “On behalf of all of the MLAs, I’m pleased to confirm this concrete step towards realising our ambition to establish a second weekly air link which will be of benefit to the Falkland Islands and all our people.”


New Falklands terminal in two and a half years

THE air terminal at Mount Pleasant is likely to be subject to civilianisation in approximately nine months, and be rebuilt, or extended or refurbished in two and a half years, stated the Chief Executive Barry Rowland at the public meeting on Monday.

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Expedition ships to Falklands increase in number

THE cruise season came to a close last month with 55,633 passenger arrivals visiting the Islands - only slightly fewer than the 56,476 who visited the previous season.
Final statistics supplied to Falkland Islands Tourist Board by Customs and Immigration show that 89% (49,000) of these were travelling on large cruise vessels, with the remaining 6,000 visiting on expedition ships. 

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Falklands Stopover for British icon Michael Palin

COMEDIAN, actor, writer and television presenter and a thoroughly nice chap, Michael Palin, has many faces, but in the Falklands this week he was in research mode, investigating the journeys of two ships that happened to pass through the Falklands in 1842.

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