Solution sought for minors travel issue

RECENT changes to travel requirements for minors on the South Atlantic Air Bridge has caused consternation to the parents of Falklands students who study overseas, as well as to forces families at Mount Pleasant.

The recent change extends the requirement for an escort to be provided for children under the age of 18 when travelling on the South Atlantic Airbridge. 
Falklands students begin travelling overseas to study from age 16 and the Airbridge does not provide escorts in the way that commercial airlines do for unnacompanied minors. 
On British Airways minors can travel alone from age 14.
MLA Leona Roberts speaking to Penguin News this week assured that Mount Pleasant was "very much on board," and emphasised that, "it impacts on forces families at Mount Pleasant too and they also want this resolved."
She said they were working hard on it together to reach a solution.
Approximately a dozen Falklands students will begin studies in the UK next week.
A press release from the Falkland Islands Government noted that the Education Department had been "working with parents to ensure that all college students heading northbound to the UK to begin their studies in September will be appropriately chaperoned."
It continued: "In the meantime the Falkland Islands Government is working with partners to find a pragmatic solution which addresses safeguarding requirements and ensures that all students are able to travel between the UK and the Islands for term breaks and holidays.
"The Education Department will soon be starting discussions with parents concerning arrangements for the Christmas holidays."