Falkland Islands Safeguarding Children Board to work with Sure

SURE boss Justin McPhee attended a meeting of the Safeguarding Children Board this week to discuss internet safety, and agreed in principle to help with several measures intended to improve online safety in the Falklands.

The Board put several suggestions to Mr McPhee, and he indicated that he was happy to look into and cooperate with each of them.

First a change of number will be explored for the NSPCC’s Childline. The current number diverts to the UK helpline, but concerns were raised that this was not well known, and children could fear they are calling a government number, possibly even picked up by someone they know. A new number could allay those fears. 

Director of Education Rachel Seddon asked if Sure could make space for a page on their website dedicated to internet safety, the information for which she could provide. Board members also wondered if information could be provided for parents buying a device for their children.

Mr McPhee pointed out that internet safety is a complex issue that even tech giants like Google haven’t solved. However he was willing to expand on the initiatives that Sure were already involved in, as well as looking into new measures.