Safe Landing for FIGAS aircraft after engine failure

FOLLOWING an engine failure an Islander Aircraft was landed safely at Mount Pleasant on Monday (September 4th).

Captain Drew Robertson, who was piloting the aircraft at the time, had to carry out an emergency shut down of the port engine at 8:47am and one minute later he declared a Mayday to Mount Pleasant Air Traffic Control, and landed safely at 8:53am, Falkland Island Government Air Service (FIGAS)  Manager Morgan Goss explained to Penguin News.

With two calm passengers on board, Islander VP-FBR was enroute to Bleaker Island when the incident occurred. 

Mr Goss said: “All of our pilots undergo six monthly Operator Proficiency Checks (OPCs) which include a range of emergency situations such as a full in-flight engine shut down and manoeuvring on one engine.”

He said the engine was, “currently  being removed and will be returned to the Air Accident Investigation Branch in the UK for analysis and determination of the root causal factors.”
He emphasised: “The incident is neither related to age of the aircraft or the engine.”
One of the aircraft, VP-FBD, entered service in January 1986 but VP-FBR entered service in March 1992.

The aircraft should be back in service by the weekend said Mr Goss.
The passengers were Fox Bay Village residents Gavin and Deirdre Marsh.
Mrs Marsh told Penguin News: “There was a massive clonk noise and I said ‘what the **** was that’ and Gavin calmly said ‘the engine stopped.’”
Mr Marsh was sat by the window where he could see the propeller.

She said: “It was a bit of a scare but Drew was brilliant and had it under control straight away; he was awesome.”

In a press release earlier in the week it was noted: “FIGAS would like to publicly thank Captain Drew Robertson for handling the situation safely and professionally.”
FIGAS operates five Britten-Norman BN-2B Islanders with one dedicated to Fisheries observation.