Rowlands Rise site for Old People Home

RESIDENTS of a planned old peoples (and vulnerable peoples) facility will have a spectacular view of the Stanley Harbour and the Narrows; it is to be situated on the Rowlands Rise site in front of Liberty Lodge

Two designs and models of the facility will be drawn up by qualified architects over the coming months and brought to Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) during 2016.


A Service Manager will be recruited to develop the project further.

This week MLAs also agreed to immediately create four new Community Healthcare Assistant posts, “as an early step towards implementing this new and more robust service,” said MLA Michael Poole.

Executive Council thanked the Director, his team and HMSC for their work to date and said they were, “keen to keep up the pace in this key area.”

The paper from the Director of Health on the development of Older Peoples Services was examined by Executive Council this week.

MLA Poole said: “This paper was the result of work and consultation over a number of months on how to ensure we have a long term solution for supporting elderly people and also a number of people that may have special needs. 

He said it was agreed, “that an integrated approach is required. This should allow people to be as independent and to live at home for as long as possible, whilst also making good provision for those that reach a point where they require a bit more support.”

MLA Jan Cheek noted in the Legislative Assembly meeting yesterday that they were a, “step closer to delivering better and more comprehensive care for the elderly and for vulnerable people.”

 She acknowledged that care for the elderly was, “a major talking point during the run up to the election two years ago and was something that seemed to have wide support.” 

She said that while  much had already been done to provide the best care for those who need extra help and support, she was confident that a carefully designed purpose-built facility combined  with extra adaptations would, improve the quality of life, while independence could be maintained for a longer period.”