UK company to assist Falklands developing horticulture

TECHNICAL advice leading to the development of horticultural products to supply the Falklands market is to be provided by a UK company

Martin Emmett Horticultural Training, offers independent consultancy services specialising in horticulture.

The search for a company to deliver the advice was undertaken locally and internationally by advertisement.

According to a paper presented to the Falkland Islands Development Board by Development Corporation Managing Director Martin Slater yesterday, the Project Manager has subcontracted with two partners and all three of them are members of the UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, as well as other relevant professional and academic bodies. 

Mr Slater said those involved have spent their respective careers in production and commercial management for various horticulture companies, and have been involved in various consultancy and training activities, providing practical experience as well as specialist knowledge in the sector. 

The consortium has also secured the engagement of several specialists in the UK to provide advice on specific technical issues, such as climate, soil, biological control systems.
The project will involve a visit from the three partners and this is planned for the beginning of October. 

The consultants will collect data on sites either producing horticultural crops or being identified as potential locations for future development, and meet current and prospective growers, as well as other relevant stakeholders involved in the supply chain.

Mr Slater said the consortium would offer a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies and best practices in field crop and hydroponic production, which are both relevant to the Falkland Islands, as well as a good understanding of the market and logistics involved in the production and commercialisation of horticultural products. 

Their work will conclude with a report appraising the potential horticulture development opportunities and, based on the modelling of existing systems, specific recommendations on the potential cost benefit of technical improvements to current production techniques.

Information generated as part of the project, will be made available to those wishing (or already involved) to get involved.