Fisherman survives 30 minutes overboard

A CREW MEMBER of Beauchene Fishing Company trawler Baffin Bay miraculously survived almost half an hour in cold Falklands’ seas last Friday after he was swept overboard.

The company’s Managing Director Cheryl Roberts told Penguin News the vessel was hove to near Lively Island at the time, due to bad weather.
She said: “Thanks to the quick actions of Captain and crew he is now recuperating in hospital with a rather nasty leg injury. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Search and Rescue team who got him to hospital so swiftly. If all continues well with his injury we’ll get him back home to Vigo (in Spain) this Saturday.” 
The Spanish fisherman was in the water close to half an hour and was rescued by zodiac from the ship.
Baffin Bay fishes for squid and finfish in Falklands’ waters. 
Water temperature in the Falklands is around 5 degrees celsius in winter