Exercise in oil exploration for students

VISITING oil industry experts from Rockhopper Exploration spent a day this week introducing Year 10 and 11 students to the various scientific disciplines underpinning oil exploration and production, as well as how to get it out of the ground.

Geoscience Manager Lucy Williams and Petroleum Engineering Manager Alun Griffiths who were in the Islands for five days first explained a little about the history of oil exploration in the north Falkland basin to the geology and chemistry students.

Ms Williams told Penguin News: “I’m talking about exploring the subsurface with geophysical techniques and drilling wells and the ingredients needed to have an oil or gas accumulation in the sub surface.” 
She spoke to them about reservoir rocks and the structures required while Mr Griffiths spoke about drilling and production.

She said: “We are trying to do that in a context of what is happening within the Falkland Islands,” and explained they were mindful to link the information to the students’ curriculum, “but overall just trying to give them an insight into what is going on, a high level understanding of the activities; and if it just gives them a little bit of interest in our disciplines, geology, geophysics and engineering, then it hopefully will have been a successful day for them.”