Drugs policy too harsh?

Meeting last week, the Education Committee revisited the subject of the zero-tolerance drugs policy in effect for students.

School manager Sue Wilks raised the question during the committee’s open section, pointing out that UK students guilty of drugs transgressions are able to move to another college, while Falklands students must return home and repay money.

Committee member Karen Lee agreed that the issue was worth reviewing, saying that the world had moved on and the Islands policy was harsher than the UK’s.

Chairing the meeting, MLA Stacy Bragger said that he was not in favour of making any changes. He was unwilling to “muddy the waters” on the policy.

His deputy on the education portfolio, MLA Leona Roberts, said that she would be willing to take a look at the way the issue is handled, saying: “I wonder if there’s any harm in reviewing it?”

Rachel Seddon, Director of Education, said that in her view there was already a way back for students – coming back to the Falklands, working for a few years, then reapplying.

At Karen Lee’s suggestion, the committee left the issue as something to be looked at and discussed again in six months.