17 candidates finally declare

WITH the deadline for applications gone by and the results gazetted on October 23 it has been formally declared that there are seventeen candidates standing in the General Election to be held on November  9.

This is one more than Penguin News had heard about when going to press last week and almost certainly a record number for any general election in the Falkland Islands.

Last candidate to  throw his hat into the ring after Penguin News went to press was Marvin Clarke, who is standing in the Stanley constituency. 
The full gazetted list of  nominations  for both constituencies can be seen below. 
The list of mobile polling stations can be found on page 20 of Penguin News.   

Ashbridge Corina Rose
Birmingham John
Bragger Stacy John
Buckland Carole Lynda Jane
Clarke Marvin Thomas
Ellis Louise
Elsby Barry
Lewis Jason
Peck David Patrick
Pollard Mark John
Short Gavin Phillip
Spink Roger Kenneth
Vidal Roberts Lucila Leona

Barkman Teslyn Siobhan
Cockwell Benjamin William
Edwards Roger Athony
Hansen Ian

Returning Officer
BA Rowland