Hockey youths to Chile

TWENTY eight members of the Falkland Islands Hockey Association Youth league are in  Punta Arenas, Chile  for their very first overseas competition, the Copa Invernada ice hockey tournament.

The brave youngsters, who make up teams Bombers, Wolverines, Knights and Dragons, all skilled roller hockey players, are adapting to ice skates for the matches and on Monday coach Grant Budd said they were all skating superbly.

Next week an all girls team will play a girls team from Punta Arenas and two Falklands National Team games will be played against a mixed team from the three different associations/clubs in Punta Arenas.

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Horses triumph in Falklands inaugural Man v Horse race

IT may come as a surprise to some that over a long enough distance, human beings can outrun any creature on earth, including horses. What we lack in breakaway speed, we more than make up for in endurance, capable of covering vast distances after other animals become winded and unable to continue. 

In the Falkland Islands inaugural Man v Horse race on Sunday, which was roughly based on that held every year in Wales, four horses triumphed, however the first (Skye ridden by Lisa Watson) was only eight minutes ahead of the first runner Dominic Smith (First Field Squadron) and six people in total managed to outrun three of the horses entered in the race. Second and third places overall went to Tennessee ridden by Sarah Cooper and Dixie ridden by Sharon Jaffray.

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Dashing Dancer will race no more

LEGENDARY Falkland Islands Bred racehorse Dashing Dancer has died suddenly, reports devastated owner Maurice Davis.

He said that the mare, which won an historic six Governors Cups at the Stanley Sports Association (SSA) race meetings, seven Governors Cups at the Darwin Harbour meeting, and was Champion Horse in Stanley on six occasions, had the previous day been successfully brought to the mainland at Swan Inlet from Johnson Island in Falklands Sound, using the traditional method of swimming horses to the shore.  

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Argost Ltd boosts sporting funds

Three sports clubs benefited from the generosity of local business Argos Ltd with a donation of £25,000 via the Overseas Games Association (FIOGA).

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