Mark is Sports Development Officer for the Falkland Isalnds

THE Overseas Games Association (FIOGA) has announced the appointment of Mark Nightingale  as Sports Development Officer. Mark’s principal responsibility will be to assist clubs to develop their sport, and to increase participation in sporting activities, particularly among young people.

Mark said: “The remit is extensive and challenging but I really feel that successes can have so many benefits for our country. I’m passionate about a huge variety of sports both from a participation and a spectator point of view. I believe that for the large majority of people there is a sport or activity out there for them, and I would love to assist Falkland Islanders to find theirs.
“The recent hockey success in Chile was an inspiration to us all; it has given the Falklands huge positive exposure and proves what is possible. Over the coming days I’ll be getting in contact with existing sports clubs, along with other relevant individuals, in order to gain a better understanding of what we currently do and have available in the sporting arena. In the very short term I would love to hear from anyone with any ideas or who wants to share anything relating to sports or keeping active in the Falklands...”