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Everest climber and yachtsman conquer SG unclimbed peaks

Chile's day of celebration

The tale of Erebus and Terror

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The Battles of Coronel and the Falklands in the making Part 8 by Mensun Bound

Saturday 19th September 1914

Stanley: Gov. Allardyce is still worried. He telegraphed Chief Minister Innes in Montevideo:

‘What is the naval situation at present as far as hostile attack on Falkland Islands is concerned? Where is Dresden?’

Sunday 20th September 1914

Stanley: The FO was showing more imagination than the Navy and wrote to Allardyce via Innes:

‘I am instructed by HM Secretary of State to request you to send me a short harmless message en clair [in plain English] every twelve hours …It is important you should not fail to send some message at the intervals above stated as the failure to receive here a message from you will imply that your wireless station has been destroyed and I am to advise Admiral Commanding the British Squadron [Cradock] accordingly …’


Falklands resident and Scotsman Graeme Jackson talks Scottish independence

graeme_jacksonFalklands resident and Scotsman Graeme Jackson talks Scottish Independence

Scotland is voting on independence next week and there is much debate and opinion about what is the best option and whether Scots will be voting with their hearts or their heads.

Many of the debates have been passionate and illuminating with some political scare mongering for good measure. One of the biggest debates has been about the pound and whether Scotland will be allowed to retain it as its currency. While there are many economic considerations and a currency union may be optimal, is there really any valid reason why Scotland could not have its own currency and call it the Scottish pound? Having different currencies in your pocket at the same time is possible. At the moment I have a combination of Falkland Island pounds, English pounds and dollars. Even with a change of currency, I suspect it will be no easier than it is now to get a London taxi driver to accept a Scottish bank note and I still manage to use taxis when in London.

I always thought that staying in the Union was sensible and that most Scots would vote that way. What I am now hearing is that they are fed up with people coming to their country and telling them what is best for their future. Sensibly most Governments around the world are staying clear of the debate and even Her Majesty the Queen has made it clear that it is for the people of Scotland to decide what is best.


Penguin News Vol 26 No 12


Minfield phase 4 priority areas named

Investment in training to embrace future

Museum Dock Yard dream a reality

Richard remembers nine months in Antarctic Reclus Hut


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The battles of Coronel and the Falklands in the making by Mensun Bound Part 7

Saturday 12th September 1914

Stanley: On this day the war reached the Falklands. Governor Allardyce received a message from Captain Milward, HM Consul in Punta Arenas, and what it contained made very uncomfortable reading. It reported that the German steamer Santa Isabel had loaded with livestock and large quantities of foodstuffs, and had left heading east along the Straits. Although the name Dresden had not been mentioned, it was clear to both Milward and Allardyce that this was the ship for which the supplies were intended. And if she was heading east it very likely meant that Dresden was hiding somewhere along the Atlantic coast south of the Plate and was thus within striking distance of the Falklands. The Volunteers were put on full-alert.



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