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Chevening Scholarship and Oxford for Clare

ClareA West Falkland resident is off to the University of Oxford later this year, after being announced as the Falkland Islands' newest Chevening Scholar.

Clare Cockwell has been offered a full scholarship under the UK Government's Chevening programme to study towards an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management at Hertford College.


Penguin News Vol 26 No 9


Robust regime of legislation ahead of oil

Toot's FIC darts champion

Talk wind turbines with Jon

Board not beard caused problems says Custom

Canadian comparisons with travelling Deputy Editor



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Part 2 of the Battles of Coronel and the Falklands in the making by Mensun Bound

The Battles of Coronel and the Falklands in the making Part 2
By Mensun Bound

Saturday 8th August 1914

THE Falkland Islands Volunteer Force (FIVF): By the second week of the war Governor Allardyce was deeply involved in a reorganization of the FIVF. In June, 1913 the Commanding Officer of the FIVF, Capt. I Watt, had submitted a fairly rosy account of the corps to the Committee of Imperial Defence, London. Not all agreed and, three months later, a 'Surprise Board of Survey' led by the Colonial Secretary examined the Armoury and found it to be 'most disorderly' with equipment and ammunition strewn everywhere. Rifles were found on 'table tops piled up in an indifferent manner', 'very few (were) fit for use... worn out... in a damaged state by want of care... had not been regularly oiled and are badly rusted'.


They gave it their all - Falklands at Commonwealth Games

bowlers_by_FIOGACOMPETING in a tournament against teams from countries with populations totalling anything from a million to over a billion, the Falklands was always going to be a little out of its depth at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

As Stanley Badminton Club team captain Doug Clark told Penguin News yesterday, "it's difficult for everyone mentally when before a match even starts you know you're going to get beaten, but the attitude has to be, if you're going to lose - lose well."

"Chase down every point," was the advice he gave his mainly very young team, "give it your all and stay positive, don't give up."

And give it their all the Falklands teams surely did. Not only that, but the Lawn Bowls team, with members ages ranging up into the late 70s, managed three fantastic wins.


News from the July 30 Executive Council Meeting

LAST week's meeting of Executive Council began with a review of the progress made in securing additional classrooms for the IJS. Member of Legislative Assembly Barry Elsby said: "We are pursuing two options and are confident that classroom space will be available soon after the start of the term in September."



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