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Penguin News Vol 26 No 5


Contract for Sealion oilfield drilling platform awarded

Demining plans for next two seasons

False portrayal in child abuse story say St Helena councillors

Infant/Junior School Sue Whitley Memorial Exhibition


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Heating fuel too expensive say 60 per cent of Stanley residents

SIX out of ten Stanley residents responding to a questionnaire consider heating fuel to be too expensive, according to the results of a government consultation on the provision of fuel to the domestic market.

Fuel in the Islands is currently supplied by one company, Stanley Services Ltd. under an exclusive licence, which is issued by FIG.


Report on June 25 meeting of Executive Council

The first paper on the June 25 Executive Council agenda was related to the outsourcing of the Post Office and Philatelic Bureau reported MLA Phyl Rendell.  Several papers have been before ExCo on the matter and MLAs have not taken their decision lightly to agree to outsource these services, she said. Dr Andrea Clausen's bid was successful and her company aims to take on the service from August 1 or a date soon after that, depending on the necessary paperwork being completed. MLA Rendell said: "Outsourcing is acknowledged to be a stressful time for people working in the service and all MLAs wish to thank the staff at the Post Office and Philatelic Bureau for their hard work during this uncertain period."


South Georgia Toothfish fishery best in world say reviewing scientists in Falklands

Scientists_and_Martin_CollinsRECCOMENDATIONS have been made regarding the South Georgia Toothfish fishery by two senior scientists who have conducted an independent review, however they stressed today to Penguin News that the fishery was the best managed in the world.

Dr Stuart Hanchet and Dr Dirk Welsford*  (pictured right and left respectively of Dr Collins) were invited to the Islands by Chief Executive and Director of Fisheries Government of South Georgia and  South Sandwich Islands Dr Martin Collins in advance of the South Georgia Government Toothfish fishery's next assessment by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) this year.


C24 not doing its duty says Summers

mike_summersADDRESSING the United Nations C24 on Thursday, MLA Mike Summers (pictured) got straight to the point and reminded the Committee not only of its current duty, but also of its inability in the past to fulfil its obligations to the Non Self Governing Territories (NSGT) it should be assisting to reach a post-colonial status acceptable to the people who live there.


Ships horns to mark WW1 centenary

WW1_shipHARBOUR Master Malcolm Jamieson has requested that vessels in Falklands harbours and and Falklands registered vessels at sea, lower flags or ensigns to half-mast tomorrow to indicate mourning in remembrance of World War I.

Additionally vessels in harbours of the Falklands should sound a signal at the designated time of 1400 Stanley time / 1700 GMT being the hour that the first shot was fired to mark the centenary.


Winter madness strikes again


A high tide with surf crashing onto the beach met the human wave of midwinter swimmers on Saturday June 21 as they dashed into the bitter cold South Atlantic.

Despite a relatively mild winter so far, it would seem that more people than ever before had contracted midwinter madness and the urge to exchange thermal underwear for skimpy beachwear and convince themselves that blue skies equal warm water swept across the Islands.



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