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The makings of the battle of Coronel and the Falklands Part 12 by Mensun Bound

Saturday 24th October 1914

British dispositions:  After leaving Stanley the Good Hope cut under the Falklands and then headed for Cape Horn.  On this day she arrived at Orange Bay.   After leaving Stanley Canopus went north-about around the Islands before heading for the Straits.  Her carpenters were still working on the construction of an extra funnel to disguise her identity.  Glasgow, Monmouth and Otranto were at their secret coaling base of Vallenar within the Chonos Islands of the Chilean archipelago.  In an attempt to raise spirits the Monmouth’s brass band went on board Otranto to play for an hour in the early evening.

Cradock: Cradock was now caught up in a relentless flow of events against which he could do nothing.  The likelihood of being unable to stop von Spee still worried him and he again signalled the Admiralty:
In order to avoid if possible enemy escaping undetected from the west to the east coast, I recommend that during my absence north on West Coast a fast cruiser should reconnoitre Orange Bay and region Cape Horn at frequent intervals.


Penguin News Vol 26 No 18

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More responsibility for Jps

Royal Marines celebrate 350 anniversary

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The makings of the battle of Coronel and the Falklands Part 11 by Mensun Bound

Saturday 17th October 1914

Cradock:  Cradock soon became close friends with Governor Allardyce, enjoying evenings with him at Government House and returning his hospitality on the Good Hope.The sight of Cradock striding along the waterfront to and from GH with his pet terrier was a common one.  'Cradock', wrote Allardyce, 'was an extremely nice man, one of nature's gentlemen.  I saw a good deal of him, and we became great friends.  He just came and went as he felt inclined, and we frequently took long walks together'.



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